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Seylaneh Sabz & Anjir Talaee


Seylaneh Sabz Co Is one of the biggest manufacturer, importer and distributer of cosmetics, hygiene and pharmaceutical products and food in middle east . The headquarter and consumers division is located in Tehran. This corporation includes more than 150 subsidiary companies in 31 cities across middle aast . Professional market research department of Seylaneh sabz co. is created to study consumer preferences and buying habits and most of the products in Research and development department reformulated to latest technology.

The company has one of the strongest portfolios of leadership brands in Iran and trusted quality in middle east. Seylaneh Sabz company's products have significant impact on Iran’s economic growth through import, export and manufacturing.


Seylaneh Sabz company ‘s goal is to enable people to achieve high expectations and standards . Company has set itself the mission of offering the consumers the terms of quality, pleasure, efficacy and safety. 40 million people use the company’s products, on any given day and with more than 18 brands focused on cosmetics and hygiene products, SEYLANEH SABS Co. touches so many Iranian’s lives in many different ways.

Quality Policy

Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance. We have the following systems and procedures in place to support us in our aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business:

  • regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback
  • a customer complaints procedure
  • selection and performance monitoring of suppliers against set criteria
  • training and development for our employees
  • regular audit of our internal processes
  • measurable quality objectives which reflect our business aims
  • management reviews of audit results, customer feedback and complaints


Being most trusted supplier in middle east.


Offering the consumers the terms of quality, pleasure, efficacy and safety. Seylaneh Sabz Co’s goal is to provide the customers with the best possible products and improve lives for now and for generations to come.



Seylaneh Sabz Company has a great history, which began when a group of explorers and innovators founded the company in 2001. Use of new technology leads to the development of a wide range of products such as, condoms ,diapers tobacco, skin care chewing gums, and toothpastes. By increasing of customers’ trust on products, in 2014 company decided to lunch the cosmetics line. Simultaneously company entered to food industry, by importing and distributing gummies. Seylaneh Sabz not only producing the essential products but also try to provide the best life style and build easy and relax life and behavior, and reduce sickness and health problems.Producing- build new program to change people's customs to do maximum and the best hygienic actions easily. Producing is not final goal in Seylaneh Sabz, this company distribute, advertise and plan to explain the products advantages, and try providing loyalty in its costumers and get the best and the biggest market share.

Brands History Timeline

  1. Dafi Wet wipes launched and emerged as an important player in health care.

  2. Kodex ,brand of condoms from NY, imported to iran for the first time. Nino, A family health care brand launched this year.

  3. Nino and Dafi were developed by the import of Pull-up diapers with the highest quality.

  4. kapoot the first brand of Condoms and import to Iran.

  5. Fascination by Swiss products, Misswake toothpastes and mouthwashes entered Iran. 7day sanitary napkins came to Iran by Seylaneh Sabz for the first time.

  6. TPAD another brand of sanitary napkins launched as a leader of women pads.

  7. - Absence of a luxury hookah tobacco in Iranian market made Seylaneh Sabz Co to import Alania tobacco.

    - Come’ on hair remover wax which is produced in Spain as a Swiss product was initiated in this year.

    - Herballand , brand of gummy vitamins came to Iran and introduced new supplements.

  8. - Bonito condoms launched for the first time in Iran. Cellulose products ,OZ were launched in this year.

    - Come ‘on hand and face cream with herbal extracts was introduced to market.

  9. professional brand of mascara developed and came to Iran

  10. - Swedish innovative condoms with hexagonal designed came to Iran.

    - organic brand of wet wipes introduce.

  11. kids wet wipes with natural ingredients launched.


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Working in department of marketing in Seylanehsabz is the opportunity for the high profile human resource and talented genius experts , alongside amazing brands as well as extraordinary people! Marketing plays a critical in forming and implementing strategy at the company by pioneering international marketing researchs methods . analysis of customer behavior, market condition and international competing situation, and conducting creative plan is the most activities in this department.

Research and Development

Seylanehsabz invests majority of its budget on R&D . The company is widely known with successful innovations of R&D.The department's aim is create products that serve genuine customer needs. R&D team work hard to stay in the consumer’s world, They must constantly work hard to keep the consumer at the heart of all products .The matrix-like structure of research and development and using new methods facilitate product development.


Formulation is foundation of product development, requiring innovative technology to aid researchers in finding the most effective and safest ingredients needs a equipped Laboratories . Additionally,quality control in Seylanehsabz has the standards Testing Laboratories.

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Address: No.1.Alley, Golshan st, Apadana Ave, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 2188500845

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